Wednesday, 13 February 2008


Well, I've been out for a nice meal and a bit of alcohol so I'm feeling a little fuzzy at the moment and felt like writing something quick and snappy to prove that I can keep up this blog writing thing in the face of a apparent non-readership (if anyone is reading this garbage, leave a comment ... I know there are so many blogs to comment on these days but mine is more important, okay! ;-) )

Anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I've uploaded new pics of my outfits. I have mixed feelings about these; on the one hand I think some of the pics came out okay and the outfits look pretty cool, on the other I can see flaws, mistakes, things I don't like, things I wish I could change, things that detract from the "wow" factor I wish I could achieve.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sometimes happy/proud of how good I can make myself look and I know I'm getting better but it is alot of effort and I guess that the more you achieve the more there is to do. This is something I've already mentioned, the fact that I can get to feeling quite bad about what I've failed to achieve even when people are kind enough to say I look good.

So here's the confession bit: when it comes to clothes/shoes/outfits, I'm turning into quite a snob (okay, not really a surprise there, and certainly not for anyone that knows me in real life) but I also feel the same way when it comes to other TGirls; really I expect people to look as good or better looking than me, if not, I don't think they are trying hard enough!

I know that really people should be themselves whatever that is and however that looks, and I do stand by that view in life, but when it comes to to the whole TGirl thing I have standards that may seem too high to some.

Okay, now the rant bit: again, I can understand why people do this but it does kind of hit a nerve with me. All of my pictures are public and show all of me in my full glory (or lack thereof), I haven't re-tocuhed or scanned anything, what you see is what you get (sadly). I see lots of cases where pics don't include everything (or concentrate on a particular area to the exclusion of all others) or are actually someone elses pics, or scans or similar.

I try so hard to look good and find it annoying that people waste time with junk pics and show no real effort! And don't get me started on pics of CDs with hairy legs - that is just yuck for a start and annoying - I use an epilator and have to scrub my legs every single day and still they don't look/feel right!

Oh rant, rant, whinge, whinge, etc ... think it's time I went to bed and sobered up before I offend too many people! Night y'all!

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claireK said...

Your comments about Tgirls not caring about their appearance are interesting, and I definitely know of what you are talking about. I always assumed that for some, the goal was to pass as a woman visually, others to pass as a woman in reality, and for the people I think you are referring to, not to pass at all, but rather enjoy almost the fetish, if you will, of dressing up. I think some tgirls also have an under-developed sense of style coordination, as perhaps many men in preceding generations did as well, focusing more more the practical side of clothes than the aesthetic appearance and meaning of those garments.