Thursday, 7 February 2008

Protect that data!

Just read the following article which sounds pretty scarey to me

Clarity Sought on Electronics Searches

I'd be pretty much against the idea of handing over my laptop, PDA, phone or mp3 player unless (obviously) someone was accusing me of an actual crime (in which case 'handing over' would likely be 'seized' anyhow).

I wonder what would happen if they discovered my store of mp3's downloaded from The fact that these are in a directory called 'allofmp3' might be a bit of a give-away.

Isn't the 5th amendment meant to protect against this sort of thing, i.e. you can't be asked to incriminate yourself (or have I got this confused). Surely handing over all your data could quite easily lead to all sorts of questions!

Time to encrypt all of my data I think! Oh, damn ... this of course won't be any use in the UK:

UK police can now force you to reveal decryption keys

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