Sunday, 3 February 2008


They say that men would never be able to cope with the pain of child-birth ... I think this is true, they wouldn't but I think it's unfair to jump straight up to the maximum level of torture without at least some acclimatization first, afterall, women get to practice with their beauty routine for many years first.

For example; eye-brows, my goodness they can sting a bit! And waxing is another obvious one that I'd be lying if I said was well within my normal pain threshold. But both of these are relatively quick procedures and you can (though I've never had the pleasure myself) have someone else administer these in a professional and efficient (and presumably less painful) way.

No, for true pain you need the ultimate in torture devices: an Epilator!

I think it can take me around 20mins for a good attack at the legs and tentative attempt at the bikini-line (this involves several near misses and one direct hit after which I'm too traumatized to try again). So that is 20mins of agony, or around about 10mins of normal level agony followed by the most exquisite pain imaginable when I progress to the upper thighs!

Anyway, a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, and no pain, no gain, and similar trite sayings. This girl is off to bed now so I can be up early tomorrow and attempt to make myself presentable!

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