Tuesday, 19 February 2008

How romantic

First off I feel like poo - nasty cold and jet-lag means I'm staying at home today and trying to recover! I hate being ill, particularly with horrible colds that seem to get into every muscle and just make you feel so tired and pants!

Anyway, while messaging work to let them know I wouldn't be in today I also had a check on my Facebook messages (to see if anyone was saying nice, complimentary things about me :D ) and I had a new Kiss from someone (which was nice) ... went to see the list of kisses and the page proudly showed the following MOTD (Message of the Day):

Tip KISS Fortune cookie: Did you know Kissme runs on 100s of powerful 32GB servers will never fail your love life

which of course is nice to know if somewhat less than romantic! Maybe that's what you need though, instead of flowers that die or chocolates that melt, or even sexy lingerie that costs the earth and is only worn for the briefest (pun intended) of time ... what you need is 100s of powerful servers to keep your loved one happy!

Hmmm, I wish they'd said what *sort* of servers they were using!

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