Saturday, 23 February 2008

Hell is ...

  • Being away from home again? Well, not fun, but hopefully the last bit of work travel this year and the destination is fun (Vancouver) so I'm sure I can grin and bear it ... oh, and all the nice clothes I bought and didn't have space to pack should (hopefully) be waiting for me in the suitcase I left at the hotel, so something to look forward to!
  • Having to go down to the airport on a Saturday for a business flight? Well, maybe but my choice so can't really complain and it means a better working week with (hopefully) a little less jet-lag.
  • Having your flight delayed by 12hours! Due to technical issues with the plane ... requiring a part from Paris no less, or so the nice, friendly Zoom rep told me when I asked whether "1300 delayed to 0130" was just a typo. Well, the way I look at it is that delays and such are fine if the journey itself is safe and uneventful! I'm just happy to arrive safely at my destination!
  • Having a room in the Radisson hotel and a meal provided, all paid for by Zoom ... well not had the meal yet but so far Zoom have been fantastic in putting all this on for us (I'm sure they had to but still, it's quite nice).

So what is hell? Hell is getting into your nice room, looking in the lovingly polished, bright, clear, and well lit mirror in the bathroom and realising that your skin looks terrible and you're frankly a mess and all those moisturisers are all packed about in the checked luggage!

Hmmm, I think I may do a quick experiment with the moisturizing affects of hand & nail stuff once I've had a shower and freshened up!

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