Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spring has Sprung

The gorgeous, clear, and sunny weather that we've had over the past two days has really lifted my mood, not that I was particularly down but I definitely was in a winter, rather than summer mind-set. So today I decided not to waste this fantastic weather and took a few photos on the walk from the office to Heslington. I've just been processing them now and I'm really, really, pleased with the sharpness and colour - all this with some random compositions and standard lens.

I really want to do more photos this week (subject to weather) and again, I'm really going to have to get my image gallery sorted so I can host all these (might have to use deviant Art in the meantime).


spleeness said...

Those pictures are gorgeous!! I have a soft spot for flowers, I love the way you captured them, the setting and blend of clarity and dreaminess is captivating.

Fiona Bianchi said...

Thanks :) The full set of spring pics can be found here:


Need to get some more taken as well while the weather holds :)