Tuesday, 2 March 2010

London by Night and Day

It's taken me a while to get round to updating my blog and I'm trying to catch up with all the pictures I've taken. Eventually I hope to get something setup on my own website where I can host the galleries of images properly but until then I'll just post the (hopefully) best of the pictures here.

While I was down in London with work I was lucky enough to end up in a room on the 11th floor of the Danubius hotel which gave me amazing views over the city - I have no idea what I was looking at but it was impressive nonetheless.
What I don't like about this picture (and the next one) is that they aren't quite pin-sharp. If you zoom in on this image you will see pixelation which is only to be expected on the JPEG version, however it's still a little blurry on the RAW one as well. I'm told that there isn't much I can do about this given the length of exposure, zoom, position, lighting etc but I really want to try and get clearer shots. I think this is a huge problem with more practice (and expensive lenses); you start to expect the same clarity all the time!

This one took a bit of tweaking to get the colours right. After some research (Google and DP Review) it seems that white balance on Canon cameras is a known problem. In natural light they are fine but incandescent and fluorescent lighting mucks things up - I guess the same will apply to dawn. I'm told that a shot like this may have been better captured with a 10-22mm lens though I'm a little reluctant to invest in one of those as, for a start it's £600 (£669 from Jessops and £625 from Amazon) and also it can really distort the image if you don't know what you are doing with it!

More practising at pictures I think ... and presumably more staying in really tall hotels!

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Jo said...

The night shot looks pin sharp to me! The other photo looks fab too - I like the colours and you balanced the bright sun with the ambient light nicely.

A 10-22 lens might have been too wide - in those shots, the interesting stuff seems to be happening in the distance rather than up close. By the way, the 10-22 doesn't distort any more than the 50mm lens... the only distortion you get using the lens is perspective distortion which is what happens when you put a lens 3 inches from someone's face :)

This may or may not be to everyone's taste :)

One thing to read up on if you're bored is metering... evaluative metering is a good mode to use if you're doing landscape shots as it will try to give a good overall exposure - the other modes tend to take their meter reading mainly from the centre of the frame.