Monday, 11 January 2010

It's not as easy as it looks!

On Sunday, Rachel and I went out to do some photography, the idea being for me to actually get some practice and to be 'in charge' of a shoot. We had the idea of doing a kind of "Death" character, I know that sounds a little macabre but I was thinking of the version from the Sandman comics which is a rather attractive and sassy gothic girl.

Anyway, Rachel looked fantastic in the black velvet coat, and suitable make-up but when it came to me actually being any good at taking pictures and having even the slightest clue as to what I should be doing it got a little more difficult. At that point I had something of am epiphany and realised with amazing clarity that taking fantastic pictures of someone really is alot harder than it looks! Rachel really, really does know what she is doing and has an amazing amount of experience and knowledge which means that she can just do it! I was going to say "without apparent effort" but that would be misleading as she is always moving around, getting the right angle and multiple shots.

I can't say I was really that happy with the pictures I got on the day and they looked a bit mediocre (at best) on the camera's screen. Thankfully, due to Rachel's help, advice, patience, support and the fact that she is an amazing model (when she doesn't pose too much lol), I actually did manage to get some good pictures of her. In fact Rachel was happy enough with the images to upload them to the Tigg-stock collection on Deviant Art. I have to say I'm actually quite honoured that she did that, there are so many other fantastic photo's that she and others in the team have created.

When I've got round to sorting my website out (hopefully later this week) and uploaded everything I'll add a link to the complete set of pictures that we both took on Sunday. For now I'll finish this post with a photo that Rachel took of me. The biggest problem I have with any pictures Rachel takes of me is that they are very clear and very detailed and frankly I can see how bad I look, so much so that I got quite upset last night while looking through them. I feel a little better today but I think that's because I'm following this mantra: "Give me the strength to change the things I can and the grace to accept those that I can't".


rachel laura said...

hi if its any help every time I see a picture of me i see the person I used to be staring back
however I exist in everday life as people only see the girl I am .
A picture is only a moment in time good or bad they arnt a total representation of you. head up girl you look fab too me and everyone else who see's you !!!

Anonymous said...

you look just fine for me.:-)
In fact it would seem that major movie actresses are worried about how they appear in high definition TV.
It is tending to show all there features, the real them if you will, which they dont seem to like.
Not being happy with the way you look is a common trait for women!