Sunday, 13 December 2009

Abused, Angry and Upset

Have you ever been so angry or upset that you really wanted to hurt someone, wanting to make see them experience as much pain as they have made you feel? I have had only very few comments from idiotic and stupid people concerning my being trans and certainly never come across any such vile, base, and chauvinistic men as I encountered last night. I was left so upset and angry that I stated that such men should be dead.

We had decided to go for one last drink after a really fabulous afternoon and evening out to celebrate a friends birthday. We went to a fairly trendy-looking bar in London's China Town and managed to get a seat right at the back of the place, there were a group of guys there who seemed to be rather loud and probably drunk but I didn't think much of it and went to the toilet.

When I returned, Rachel had got the drinks and was carrying them back to the table and the the gang or guys seemed to be rather excitable and were making quite alot of comments along the lines of "get 'em out!" and other puerile chants. I should probably say that Rachel was wearing a very clingy dress, and a fedora hat and looked very glam, stylish, and frankly quite sexy. I'd gone for a shortish silver dress (more like a tunic), black tights and red shoes. Yes, we were quite 'over-dressed' but that was the theme of the day out.

Anyway, I guess, looking back on this, that the guys must have been chanting/whooping and maybe passing comments about Rachel while I was away so when she turned to me and said "Kiss me" I assumed it was to point out, in no uncertain terms, that we were a couple and not interested in the guys. Looking back that doesn't seem like it was such a good idea now as that just made them more excitable while we had a rather passionate kiss. It really didn't register as a problem at the time and we just smiled and sat down to have our drinks.

At this point one of the group sat down right next to me, uncomfortably close. I could see him in the mirror opposite and he was looking away from us but something in his body language told me that he'd sat there purposefully, it wasn't just because of lack of seating. I think a few of my friends noticed this and moved round so I could shift along. The guy then shifted along even closer.

I felt very uncomfortable, and was worried what he was going to do or say. I tightened the grip on my purse and pulled by coat closer on my lap, I felt like I was being bullied and harassed and it made me really angry to be made to feel like that. I'm not sure I can describe how horrible that is, though I'm pretty sure most women have experienced that at some point in their lives; a man who thinks he has the right to invade personal space, to show no respect, and to assume that what they intend to do, whether it's to talk, touch, or kiss (or worse) it is something they are entitled to do.

I really should have felt scared I guess but I was just really angry at being bullied and harassed in this way and it got to the point pretty quickly where I just felt so annoyed that I turned round to this guy and basically threatened to "knee him so hard, that he wouldn't be able to have children, if he didn't go away". The term "rash" doesn't really cover it in hindsight, I really should have either being more polite or just moved away.

Worse was to come, the guy just turned back to me and said "You're a guy!", to which I obviously responded that I was a woman and might have even mumbled "trans" in there somewhere but the damage was already done and he seemed to take great delight in going round his mates and telling them this. There were shouts of "hit him" and I'm not sure whether they were directed at me or him but at that point we decided to move so as not to find out. I was still really angry, in fact maybe more so and I tried to tell one of the bar staff who was just collecting glasses that the guys were harassing us and he said he'd sort out out but we just moved away instead.

We sat nearer the door where it was quite light and spacious and at one point Rachel got up to dance and I really would have loved to have got up with her; I did try but I had just had such a huge hole blown in my confidence that I had to sit down again. I felt horrible; angry at the way I was treated, wanting to inflict the same hurt or worse on the guy concerned, and upset at myself for how badly I'd handled things and for the comments I'd made. I'm sure any woman in the same position would have felt bad at resorting to saying such things, it's not how you want to behave, but it made me feel doubly worse I guess as I'd almost descended to a 'male' level.

I managed to hold the tears back until we got into our room at the hotel but eventually ended up crying my eyes out as Rachel hugged and tried to console me. Went to bed after that and thankfully fell asleep pretty quickly even with all of this going through my head. Having updated twitter last night I wanted to get everything written in the blog this morning so it was out of my head. I think the strangeness of how social-networking helps I deal with my problems is worthy of it's own post later on!

How do I feel now? Well, better for writing it all down, it does seem like I can forget about it now, secure in the knowledge that the experience is captured here. It's a nice day outside and hopefully we're all going to have a nice time exploring parts of London and I can push all of this to the back of my mind and not think about it.


Saffy Walton said...

Pity him for his shallow life, ignorance, and rudeness. How many of his mates were really thinking "what a prat he is"? And with a clear head I expect and hope he feels ashamed.

I think you will be stronger, no physical blows and you've drawn something from this.

There is no excuse for such bad behaviour and the bar staff should have taken swift decisive action.

I hope I could handle such a siuation even half as well.

All my love Fi.

sophie h said...

I think Saffy sums up my feelings. People who feel the need to behave in that manner are often very insecure in themselves.
Big hugs,

Genie said...

Reading what you had to go through digusted me and I could really say many horrid things regarding those pathetic excuse for men that harassed you but at the end of the day they arent worth the waste of energy!!!

Never let those type of idiots get you down Fiona, as much as they have clearly upset you, you are the stronger and better person at the end of the day and you can only hold your head high and put two fingers up to them all.


chrissie said...

How pathetic they must be, that women can make them feel so dreadfully insecure.... :-(

Sad gits...

But, at least it didn't end in violence. And that's NOT a small comfort.

Chin up, Fiona... :-) You both did well.


Lori D said...

The fact that you described them as a drunken group of men tells the whole story I believe. I've seen very civil men turn into the most repugnant immature boys as a result of the "demon" alcohol.

I'm glad you're alright. You were wise to just move away. In a way I'm sure this will add to your determination to fight for who you are, which is beautiful.

fridayskeeper said...

Sweetheart, I didn't realise that they'd said that to you- perhaps it was just as well I didn't or I might have clobbered him myself, and sod the consequences. If Mr FK hadn't been with me, I'd have even more twitchy.It was the first time that I'd felt so uneasy in public for a long time. We had a great time yesterday- please don't let that that insult to the species get to you.

Jess H said...

Sorry to hear of those experiences, Fiona, please don't let them knock your confidence - if you do the thugs win.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

I was shocked to read of this, for you and Rachel, and glad you're both ok to be

Fiona Bianchi said...

Thanks all for the supportive and comforting comments, it means alot. I was upset but thankfully I've got over it quickly because of having such a nice day on Sunday, out with Rachel and good friends (and aided by some ridiculously extravagant retail therapy).