Monday, 31 August 2009

Winter Hill

Well I made a valiant attempt to cycle all the way up to the Winter Hill TV transmitter but didn't quite get all the way. I was quite close however and reached an altitude of 318m (just over 1000ft) but decided to turn back as it was a long way to get any closer and also getting a bit cold. I did manage to get some pictures this time too!

One very scary part of the ride was going up the rather steep hill with motorbikes whizzing down but leaning into the corners and being VERY close to me. I can accept that some people like having fun on country lanes by speeding along them but really they need to have some consideration when passing cyclists.

If I get some nice weather again I'm going to prepare a little better and plan a route that takes me up the other side of Winter Hill as I think this would allow me to cycle right up to the base of the transmitter, the road I took today wouldn't lead there as far as I can tell.

Finally, here's the view of the route from Google Earth, I wish I knew a way of adding the altitude, direction and speed values onto the path so it gives a better indication of when I was working hard to keep going.

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