Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Sunday lunch ... on Wednesday

Away this weekend and just fancied a roast dinner for a change so had it tonight instead of on Sunday. Not conventional I know but it still tasted fab. And the smell was amazing - cooked the chicken with olive oil and black pepper coating it and half a garlic bulb inside. Potatoes and parsnips par boiled and with some oregano as well.

I actually really quite enjoy cooking and you shouldn't infer from this blog post that I'm new to it at all. Thankfully my Mum had my sister and I cooking tea as a way to earn extra pocket money and also passed all she knew about baking as well. Also credit to being at university for four years (you soon learn to cook when you have to) as well as B for some advanced cookery experience as well.

Now if only I had a dishwasher!

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