Saturday, 1 August 2009

Pictures in the mirror

I thought I'd be done with taking pictures of myself in hotel bathrooms, I always thought it was a little desperate and certainly not the most photogenic lighting!

At least now I have a valid reason, the photo is documenting my hols with my son and while I look a bit tired tonight, wait until you see the state of me after another 3 days of this!

In all fairness I should say that, while my son has been very excitable and has talked lots he has been very good and really does have such good manners, I am so proud me him.

He's said some very clever and funny things but I'll just mention the one pertinent to this blog: he asked which Star Wars Lego figure I wanted and, when I picked Ahsoka exclaimed "why do you always want to be the girl?!". There isn't really a short answer to that one!


Jess H said...

But its a very natural picture, Fiona. You've come a way.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

You look *fab* fiona! continue enjoying your hols & see you soon! xx

Lori D said...

Fab is right!