Saturday, 29 August 2009

Extreme offense

I am on my way to pride and i have just suffered horrible verbal abuse and have no other way to record it than the blog since i have no paper or pens.

At Chorley rail station there were two men at the door selling tickets, i was served by the older of the two, large build, greyish hair, slightly spiked, wearing glasses. If was helpful and, after some complications where my card was declined, i got my ticket and went to opposite platform to wait for the train to Manchester.

A few mins before it arrived i noticed the guy near the corner of the station on his mobile and heard the following two phrases: 'yes, in a mini-skirt' and 'looked like Dick Emery'. I think he noticed I was watching him and i think he turned away and i didn't hear any more comments.

I didn't know what to do and just looked at him a few times trying to seem like i knew what he said and make him feel uncomfortable. Then my train arrived and i got on.

I'm writing this now to record what happened and also for proof of time and date.


Anonymous said...

A well timed complaint to the train company on Tuesday morning should give them a kick up the backside! D

Anonymous said...

These are the contact details for the train company - go to the very top!

Company Name Northern Rail
Managing Director Heidi Mottram
Company Website
Head Office - Postal Address Northern Rail Ltd
Northern House
9 Rougier Street
Head Office - Primary Phone Number 0845 00 00 125
Head Office - Email Address
Head Office - Web Address

chrissie said...


just not on.


Saffy Morris said...

Staff said that? I bet they broke their own rules, quite apart from just being rude. I guess the more ties people make a fuss the quicker things will change.

Don't let it spoil your day, and take care.

Jane Maybe said...

Fiona ,
sorry to hear this the station operator is northern rail and from what you describe the people selling tickets and doing checks are employed by another company (contracted to northern rail (I think it is G4 securtias ?)