Sunday, 9 August 2009

And I thought I had plenty of padding!

But apparently my bum is not as well-cushioned as I thought it might be because it still hurt a bit after returning from a 30km (20mile) cycle ride today! As I mentioned in the previous post Sunday had to be a more active day to fend of certain boredom and also to get some exercise! Got all the ironing done before hopping on my bike.

I had another ride around Rivington reservoir and the countryside surrounding Chorley. There is something about cycling, I think it's the fact that it's simple and I can focus almost everything on it and forget anything that is bothering me, or at least give consideration in a somewhat detached way. I've also taken to cycling with my headphones on and 'happy' music playing at loud volume - helps make me feel happier and also works as an aid for getting up hills or speeding along, peddling in rythm to the beat.

I actually wish I'd got pictures of me on the bike and from the various sights along the route but I haven't for several practical reasons, the main one being that I don't like to stop unless I have to because I always think it's best to keep going in case a break too long means I seize up and can't start again.

I have to say that there were alot of people out cycling along the same routes; I know this because most of them seemed to be over-taking me! In my defence most were on road bikes and also clearly had muscles tuned for serious cycling. I did manage to pass one mountain biker and whizzed away, spurred on by some particularly up-lifting music! Small victories can make a big difference!

The other thing which I find so pleasant and disproportionately cheering to me is just the politeness and acknowledgement of people you meet on your way. I couldn't hear exactly what one older gentleman, out for a stroll, said as I cycled past him. I guess it was something simple along the lines of "good day" or maybe "good luck" with cycling up the hill ahead of me, but just his cheery demeanour and attitude was so nice.

It's the same with the other cyclists to see along the route as well, most will nod a greeting or smile and acknowledge your presence even when distracted by the arduous peddling up a particularly steep hill.

It occurs to me that my love of cycling and shopping, particularly in the Trafford Centre, have something in common and that is being around people who are, on the whole, happy, cheerful, alive, and quite often, polite, good-mannered, and just radiate a certain optimisim about the activities they are engaged in whether it be enjoying the fresh air and exercise or the enjoyment of retail therapy!

The bottom line is this: just get out and about, that in itself can be the most enjoyable thing in the world.


NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

Oh wow. That's an *incredible* bike...xx

Fiona Bianchi said...

Thanks :D Doesn't matter how good they are though, they still hurt your bum!