Monday, 6 April 2009

Tatton Park

Since I'm now trying to sort my money out and steer clear of places like the Trafford Centre to avoid running up even move credit card debt Lucy and I decided to do something 'free' or at least 'cheap' on Sunday. We were going to have a wander round some of the local Chorley scenary but Tatton Park seemed like a better location given the fab weather.

It was a *really* good day out. Got to have a nice lunch (love lemon shortbread ... though should have maybe avoided that to stick to my diet!), had a good chat about all sorts of stuff and also had a wonderful wander (excuse the alliteration) around the gardens and took a very large number of photos, alot of which seemed to come out *really* well.

[ I'm wondering if I should do a photography course so that I can get more repeatable and conciously good photos rather than relying on luck and a camera to fo the work ]

I've uploaded a selection of the photos to Picassa (as well as them being on Facebook as well) and will add the full images (the ones about are scaled to only 720x480) once I've had a proper sort through them.

Definitely looking forward to another photographic trip or anything that just involves getting out in the sun and fresh air - it's a really nice way to spend the time and certainly better on the bank balance than the more shop-centric activites!

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Calie said...

Beautiful picture, Fiona.