Thursday, 12 March 2009

Hormones and T-count

I had an appointment with my GP (who is absolutely lovely) today mainly to get a prescription for hormone patches as well as to deliver the letter from my specialist and discuss anything in that (which was mainly about the dosage of hormones really).

Anyway I got two very good things out of this appointment: first of all I got a prescription for 6months worth of hormone patches for the bargain price of £14.70 (it's two prescriptions since I need the 100ug/24hour and 50ug/24hour patches). Need to pick these up from the chemist later today.

The second thing is my blood tests. I though I had all the results but apparently not! I mentioned that the T-count wasn't on the print-out that I had before but that was apparently just because the results hadn't come back, it was on this one though: 2.4nmol/L which is well within the genetic female range (for reference my T-count before was 12.4 - bottom end of the male range),

These results where from *before* Dr Curtis increased my estrogen dosage so goodness only knows what they will drop to now that I'm on 1.5x the previous amount. Actually I don't think it will move much now and there are other levels that are a little on the night side and it might be those that drop instead.

One thing appears to be certain though: I am now totally female from a hormonal point of view and just need my body (and mind) to catch up!

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