Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Annoying sanitary bin!

Sometimes I have to wonder what the world is coming to.

We have bins in the toilets that are for sanitary products - obviously not something normally discussed in polite company but one of those facts of life*. Now you would think that such a bin, even when it has this specific purpose, should be a fairly simple piece of engineering - container, lid that doesn't come off easy, add some seals to keep the germs at bay, etc, etc.

We have these though:
and they are REALLY annoying because simply being near them seems to be enough to trigger the built-in electronics which then opens the lid! Even more ironically is, once it's waited a few seconds or so it then closes the lid which sticks half way open!

So, why oh why do we need an electronic super-duper bin, which doesn't work properly, when the basic version without the technology is actually much better!

Okay, bit of a pointless rant but feel better now!

[ * - No, it won't be a fact of my life for obvious anatomical reasons apart from a, hopefully fairly brief time post-SRS when it might be until everything is healed up ]

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Anonymous said...

Totally agree with your post. Technology for technology's sake these days and I hate it. This may sound a little twisted but I work in the computer industry but I actually hate modern computers.

Take me back to the days when computing was for gods. Take me back to the days of cars with carburettors, take me back to transistor and tank circuit driven radios.

Technology is dumbing down society and making people lazy.

Best regards
The armchair subversive