Saturday, 16 August 2008

A rose by any other name

Several people have asked me what they should call me when I'm dressed as 'Fiona' which does sound like a bit of a silly question on the face of it but is actually very pertinent and thoughtful thing to ask (particularly given that I've not issued any official change of name notice/e-mail).

So, to try and clarify things here's a simple rule: if you know me as my previous (male) name then continue to use that, it won't bother me at all and will just be easier than anyone having to figure out how 'female' I look to decide what name.

Anyone that has actually met me as Fiona is fine to call me that to, I also answer to "Fi" but NOT (unless feeling particularly generous) "Fifi"!

I'm really not too hung-up on names; I'm still me no matter what I'm called, my identity isn't wrapped up with the name. Also I've always found that names are very rarely used in one-to-one conversation anyway, everyone knows who is talking and who they are talking to!

So, for everyone reading this: honestly the name is no big deal, the fact that you're talking to me is good enough for me.

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