Saturday, 30 August 2008

Pride goeth ... is absolutely true

Well first the bad news: my son doesn't want to come over and see me today as he's happily playing with his cousins having had a sleep-over there. I guess this is understandable but I couldn't help sounding a little disappointed when he was on the phone to me telling me this.

Also it seems he's been saying alot that he doesn't want to come over to see me and B says she doesn't want to force him which is fair enough to a point. We had a little 'discussion' about that this morning which thankfully didn't turn into an argument but still, it wasn't nice hearing again that I'm "no fun" and my son wants his Mum there all the time.

I was really looking forward to seeing him today as he's a link to some sort of normality and also something to be genuinely proud of as he's such a fantastic kid.

Anyway, in the end he's coming over for tea which is good as I did at least want to see him at some point this weekend just to say hello and give him a hug - I guess I want to see him before my appointment with Dr Curtis on Tuesday which is now fast approaching and starting to become scary.

Anyway, the good news, which I was very proud of and which, in my bizarrely superstitious mind, led to the "fall" was that, for one thing I went to work in a skirt (okay, not a huge thing but a bit of a step in confidence as I usually, and still do, prefer jeans) and I went to see the nurse (still in female mode) for my health check on joining a new doctors practice. The nurse was lovely and supportive about my GID related stuff but also told me my BP was 120 over 85 (this is good) and that I weighed 80kg (12.7st) which is down from the 13.5st I was before! (and this was with clothes, boot, and erm, chest enhancement!)

Suffice to say that I went to Tescos and bought a pizza, red wine, and chocolate ice cream to eat for tea and sat and watched Stardust so I felt fab and slightly fat after alll of that (my cycling tomorrow I think).

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