Thursday, 28 August 2008

Jealous of friends (and shameless advertising of them)

I am lucky to have some fantastic friends. I guess, in some ways I'm also lucky to have to very attractive friends as well although that also means there are the odd occasions when I'm unbelievably jealous of them as well. Actually I'm generally VERY jealous of all of my RG (Regular Girl) friends as they can look stunningly attractive with no make-up or effort at all (they will never believe this no matter how many times I tell them - but it is true).

Anyway, all of this rambling is simply because my friend Lucy wanted to appear in my blog simply because she looks stunning and wanted to advertise the fact:

You can see more pictures of Lucy on her Flickr page. She also mentioned that, if there are and nice, handsome guys reading this blog she'd love to hear from them!

There, that okay for a blog entry Lucy?

[ Ooops, forgot to set the link to Lucy's Flickr page! Fixed now ]

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