Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Sports day

It was my son's Sports Day today which I left work early to go and see as I felt it was important to be there given that it was his first such day and I'm also not going to be seeing him until the weekend (party tonight and not allocated time for the rest of the week).

He seemed to be pleased to see me there and was, even when not in the sights of the camera or aware that I was looking at him, a complete lunatic as usual - like father like son crossed my mind! Some of the kids got a little competitive, e.g. getting upset when they didn't win, my son seemed to just be enjoying himself and seemed oblivious to any concept of loss at all. Again, I was reminded of myself and was a little pleased that he seemed to be so chilled out :D

B was there towards the end of the afternoon (she couldn't get time off work to be there earlier) and we were pleasant enough to each other and she seemed happy. She was a little upset when I mentioned about the visit to the doctor but seemed (hopefully) to recover.

What I did notice while we waited for our son to come out of school, with me standing on my own some distance from her, was that she knew alot of people and was chatting away to them and also appeared to have some good friends around her. She also mentioned about a night out that had been arranged (my parents were meant to baby-sit but couldn't but then it got cancelled anyway), so it sounds like she has got a pretty good social life.

B also mentioned that she has been given more hours at work and more responsibility which she seemed very pleased about and I certainly was happy for her. Overall she seemed quite confident and things seemed to be going well for her. I guess she is still upset and still not over things by any means but it's good to know that she has a life and is getting out an enjoying herself and that she has friends around her to help out. I am very pleased for her, I really am.

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