Monday, 14 July 2008


My GP phoned me today to say that he has found someone he can refer me to as a start to discussing my gender issues. This isn't quite the major step to a proper clinic for GID but someone local with experience of these issues who should then be able to refer me on to someone else if necessary.

On the one hand I'm very happy with this news as it means I'm making some progress, and I have to say my GP has done a fantastic job tracking someone given that he said himself he has no experience in this area. I was really happy when I was talking to him about this and then was equally enthusiastic when I told my friend S about it ... also enjoyed the brief detour into the question of what I'm going to wear at the appointment (this is pretty simple, it will be the safe and comfy jeans, top, and boots combo ... probably with real hair now as I'm getting use to that look).

Of course there is a little doubt about all this as it's obviously not a referral that will directly get my anything in the way of treatment so that is a little disappointing but not totally unexpected. That sentence sounds a bit ungrateful so I'll kind of retract it a little by saying that any progress is good and, while I may be impatient, it's probably better in some ways that I take time both for my own good and also for those around me; any significant changes are going to really upset things and cause alot of heartache so it's best to be sure about them and also have talked it through properly.

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