Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Quick summary ...

... of what has been happening over the past few days.

Not alot really.

Well, that's not entirely true, I had my birthday on the 17th which was relatively relaxed and I got some nice presents and cards - obviously anything from my in-laws was conspicuously absent and that is perfectly understandable, I don't think they will ever forgive me for the hurt I've caused.

Had a nice ride out around where the new flat is to get an idea of the area and also got to feel a bit healthier after not really having done a vast amount of exercise over my weeks holiday!

On Friday I travelled down with my sister and my son to meet up with my parents for a surprise birthday treat for my Dad's 60th. He was VERY surprised and we all had a fab weekend (went to Bletchley park - I would recommend anyone who like this sort of thing to go sooner rather than later, it seems to be shrinking).

One thing to note is that my sister still does not know the full reasons why my wife and I are splitting up, I am going to have to have that conversation at some point but didn't really want to spoil things over the weekend in case she reacted badly to the news.

Back at work yesterday and phoned a friend of mine to let him know about the separation. Again, not given him the full picture either as it would be better to do that face to face. The only reason he's not had the full, or any story for that matter, is that his wife passed away suddenly earlier this year and I thought it best not to heap my problems on-top of his.

So I think that brings things up to date ... I post this and then do a blog entry for today!

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