Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Moving on ... up?

Confusion reigns at the moment but it seems to be of a somewhat relieved variety. Certainly my wife is quite happy although, when asked if this was because I had finally decided on a place to move to and a date at which to go there, she replied that it was more to do with the facial she had today (which was described with a small amount of justifiable gloating and pointing to the also treated eye-brows with references to the mess that is currently sitting above my eyes).

I've finally sorted out a place to rent and it's now all a case of sorting out the finances (few tweaks needed), filling in lots of forms, and the general logistics of moving and setting up some sort of separate existence. I have some mixed feelings about all of this and felt quite down earlier today (see previous post) but my wife seems to be quite happy and, at the moment at least, we are on very good terms and she is cataloguing all of the junk, erm, I mean, useful items, that I can take with me to the flat (so she can get rid of them).

So I'm looking on this in a little more positive way (helped by the cheap white wine I'm drinking) and thinking that I may get some quality Fiona time as well as being able to spread all of my clothes, shoes, and make-up around a bit. I've already planned a small amount of the initial move that is going to require a vast amount of cleaning (want to make sure that the place is spotless) followed by the spraying of copious quantities of perfume all around the flat to make it smell like me (I'm sensitive to smells and like to have familiar, pleasant smells).

So, definitely moving on, not sure about up yet, time will tell.

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