Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Moving ...

Goodness it's been ages since I've updated this blog and I really haven't got time at the moment for a big long essay on what has been happening in my life, suffice to say that the past few months have been incredibly manic and busy but so much fun, mainly thanks to the many fantastic people in my life - thanks all!

This post is, unfortunately, rather a boring one to inform anyone that is insane enough to read this blog that it's moving (back) to the following address:

The reason for the change is that it's so easy for people to use when they mean to refer to my photography website, which actually makes alot of sense given that I'm in the UK! So, rather than try and correct everyone it's just easier to redirect the to the .com address :)

Right, I best get on with other stuff that needs sorting out, I promise I'll do a proper update here again soon :)