Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fiona's Boots

I don't think I've ever explained the name of this blog, or for that matter the ID "fionasboots" that I use almost everywhere for e-mails, twitter, FaceBook and my other website.

I think I've only ever been asked once by a friend if the reason for having such an identifier is in some way related to a footwear fetish that I might have! I guess that's an obvious conclusion, but no, I do not have such a fetish; in fact I have none that I am aware of - I like lots of things but don't have the energy for fanatical devotion to them.

I do LIKE boots and shoes and awful lot and that is the rather boring and uninspiring reason for picking "fionasboots". In 2006 when I first used that identifier I certainly had invested in some rather nice maroon suede boots (which I actually still have today, though don't wear a great deal any more) and that was the ultimate reason for the choice of online moniker (I even had a nice picture of me wearing said footwear).

I did briefly go through a phase of wanting to get the ever-so-slightly fetish-worthy thigh length boots but never did because ultimately there aren't many that are that good quality unless you have a lot of money and a genuine desire for such things.

I have just recently bought a few more pairs of boots, from Duo (love their boots and the fact they fit perfectly), to add to my 'collection' - all for the cause of fashion and me trying to look good (not sure I succeed but I have fun trying nonetheless).

So, there you go, unfortunately a rather boring explanation :)

[ Update: Just remembered one of the reasons I've always liked boots, again it's rather practical and boring: given my height (and cough, splutter, weight, cough, cough) little strappy shoes aren't really for me unfortunately, I need footwear that is going to not flap around on my feet or dig into me. So boots are a rather practical solution for me :) ]


Jess said...

I've so splurged with Duo this winter - 4 pairs. And now the spring catalogue is out.

Calie said...

I've followed your blog since just about the start. Always wondered how you came up with the name.

Oh, and I love my boots too!

Calie xx