Monday, 24 May 2010

I would have been early, but ...

... I was busy taking pictures of the balloons!

On my cycle route to work I pass the York Race Course and I'd seen one balloon lift off from there earlier in the week but just hadn't got close enough to get any decent pictures.

When I had a second chance I made sure I got really close and took as many pictures as I could! It really was a quite amazing sight and the glorious sunshine and clear blue sky just made for, hopefully, fantastic photographs.

I'll process the rest of the photos soon and put them up on my deviantArt page.


Calie said...

A beautiful site! I always wanted to fly in one of those and land in a green field and have a romantic picnic.

Fiona Bianchi said...

Romantic picnic I can agree with but arriving by balloon, no! I'm scared of heights so it'd only work if it was no more than about 6ft (2m in metric ;-) )off the floor!

Strangely I'm fine with aeroplanes and might even be okay with helicopters as long as they don't have that glass bottom.