Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ringing the changes

Just to be clear before anyone jumps to any conclusions, no, I'm not engaged, married or betrothed in any way shape or form, nor is this ring any indication of any of these things! Yes, I know that the finger on which I'm wearing it is meant to have that significance but, frankly I still my actual wedding ring but on my right hand and that still holds tremendous sentimental value and immense amount of meaning to me.

This new ring wasn't blessed in the same way but still has alot of meaning to me. I bought it for myself so that meaning is really mine alone, but nevertheless it's special. The significance of the stones (diamond and blue topaz) is the same as with the jewellery I've bought before and this time they are in the one item I've been looking for quite a while: a ring. There is just something special about rings, earrings and necklaces are something that you often change or at the very least remove at night. Since the day I wore my first ring, I've always thought they were something more constant; I only ever removed my wedding ring for DIY work, or for a short period after the separation.


Jess H said...

The ring looks nice.

Tis odd, I was similarly musing on wedding rings today and their importance - despite mine being "his" rather than "hers" it very rarely comes off, and I feel naked and ill at ease without it.

Emily said...

It's a lovely ring and it's good to have things like that that mean something.

I have a few rings which mean a lot to me and it was a strange time when my ex and I both took our wedding rings off. It's funny how a band of metal on a finger can have such a significance, but that significance is certainly there!

Melissa said...

I like it, Fiona. It's very pretty.

Melissa XX