Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas Tree

Finally got the tree and decorations up. Not gone too over the top, though got lots of shiney lights (LEDs)! Feeling more festive now :-D


Melissa said...

Now, that's the Christmas spirit! Very nice, Fiona! At first I was wondering......why is that girl baking her Christmas tree, with her radiator? But then I saw the stand, and realized it wasn't a natural tree. They make them so realistic looking now, it's hard to tell, and they make so much more sense, than paying for one every year, only to watch the needles start dropping off, before Christmas ever arrives!

I was just thinking about you and your Dad, and I wondered what his reaction would be, if his new daughter showed up on his stoop on Christmas Eve, dressed in her holiday finery, and bearing a six pack of Old Peculiar, with a big red ribbon tied around it? Could he possibly be so cold, as to turn you away?

Melissa XX

Fiona Bianchi said...

I suspect my Dad would react very badly to the scenario you describe unfortunately (for a start he doesn't drink).

I think me turning up at home would be too much of a shock and would simply upset everyone ... do need to do something, otherwise nothing will ever change.

chrissie said...

Very nice, Fiona.... :-)

I very much understand the isue with your father. My mother is the same. Nothing to be done.

After reading Melissa's comment I am intrigued to know how a cultured southern lass like her, (from old Virginia, no less), knows about Old Peculiar!!?


sophie h said...

"I think me turning up at home would be too much of a shock and would simply upset everyone"

I know what you mean Fiona. My parents are, as far as I know,unaware of my T-ness. And I wouldnt want to upset them.