Saturday, 4 July 2009


You may have noticed a bit of a change in the layout and format of my blog. Think I just needed a bit of a change and to get away from the rather overly-coloured (pink) format I had before. I hope this new layout is easier to read and looks a bit more professional and stylish (even if the content doesn't). Actually I'm not really too bothered if it doesn't, I just had a nice time fiddling with CSS and HTML tags, was nice to do something geeky AND useful!

Anyway, if anyone has any remarks/criticisms on the new look, feel free to comment.

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Calie said...

Fiona, it is easy to read.

My main comment is that the title color (Fiona's Boots) - green? - is really hard to read, at least on my screen. The purple just over-powers it. I'm not an artist and I know it could look totally different on another computer...but you asked.

I love your blog.

Calie xxx