Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Well, the title says it all really.

Nothing much more to say at the moment, usual roller-coaster of emotions and probably won't fully hit until later.


Carolyn Ann said...

Sorry to read this happened to you. It sucks, I know.

Don't forget: it's not personal.

Don't let it get to you; admittedly, that's easier said than done. Take a day or two off, and then start figuring out what's next.

Carolyn Ann

chrissie said...

Oh Fiona..

I am sorry to hear that, petal.

Deep breath, relax. Re-assess.

I pray you'll get another billet soon, cariad.


LucyTolliday said...

I'm so sorry the worst happened. *big hugs*

Jill Davidson said...

Fiona, so sorry to hear your news. Something better is bound to come your way.

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

Fiona, I am so so sorry this has happened to you!
I have faith that you'll figure out your options x x x x