Friday, 22 May 2009

Suicidal MPs

Driving in this morning I couldn't believe what I heard: an MP involved in the expenses scandal has suggested that the pressure is so great a suicide is feared.

First of you have to worry that MPs aren't bright enough to fiddle expenses without getting caught - I agree that they shouldn't do it, it's totally wrong, but I'd feel somewhat safer if they were smart enough to get away with it: intelligent scoundrels seem more acceptable that incompetant money-grabbing buffoons.

Secondly, doesn't anyone either a) think before opening their mouths, or b) at least have some decent PR people in place to vet what is about to be said.

So MPs might be feeling a bit under pressure, did it not occur to anyone that there are numerous voters who are in a complete financial mess through no fault of their own (and possibly *because* of the very MPs that were making ridiculous expense claims) who have a slightly more justified reason for feeling suicidal?!

People are losing their savings, pensions, homes, jobs because of the mess we're in!

At the moment MPs from all sides look like they are greedy, uncaring and incompetant. Roll on the next election, sooner the better!

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LucyTolliday said...

The problem is when the election does come, who is worth voting for.