Monday, 9 March 2009


I have a few favorite necklaces that I wear either day-to-day or on special occasions but none of these have any real significance apart from the fact that they either look nice or were slighty more expensive than dirt cheap and aren't made of copper (well, they probably are but the silver plate hasn't worn off yet).

But I've always wanted a necklace that has something important about it, like being a gift from family or a partner or something that costs ALOT of money (all donations of Tiffany Heart necklaces are most welcome!) and would survive repeated wearing.

So now, I'm wearing a simple (and admittedly cheap) necklace but with my wedding ring hanging from it. This is something I've thought about, and possibly mentioned here, before and it just seemed like it was the right time to make some effort to achieve it. Essentially I performed some art/diy on a cheap pendant from Primark until such time as I can find a white gold chain.

Next on my list of jewelary items is a blue topaz ring but they are VERY expensive the last time I looked so I think I need to keep an eye out in the sales or maybe that's something I could ask for as a birthday present.

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