Friday, 6 March 2009

Gaining followers!

As a few people pointed out, the sudden drop in the list of people following my blog was likely down to a technical glitch with Google/Blogger as they also experienced the same sort of thing.

Now I seem to be up to 19 poor, mis-guided, souls following my inane ramblings! Wonder if I can break the 20 barrier? :D

Hmmm, yes, a slow news day as you can tell, nothing much else to report except I'm thinking more about all the things from the 70s/80s/90s that we could do with bringing back to cheer us all up during the current economic 'fun'. Definitely think we need something like Spitting Image and similar satirical programmes since the current crop of politians desperately need to be ridiculed!

Looks like other people have the same idea as well: Fame is coming back and, on the news this morning, Michael Jackson is going to be performing in London. Not a fan at all, but it's clearly got some people excited! Hmmm, wonder who else could make a come back (well attempt one), answers on a postcard :)

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