Thursday, 5 March 2009

Bring back Kenny Everett!

I made a chance remark about knowing lots of people who's name begins with K - there was a whole column of them on my messenger list - and Kate mentioned "Kaptain Kremen".

I had know idea who that was so had a quick google and it turned up Kenny Everett!

For those who don't really know what I'm taking about, have a look at the Kenny Everett page on Wikipedia.

I don't think I appreciated him when I was young, in fact I've only just realised the significance of the character "Miss Cupid Stunt" (D'OH! how thick am I!), but now I think he was probably one of the funniest guys ever and just had something about him that was so alive!

That is what we need now. We don't need crusty politicians or stupid bankers we need someone anarchic, someone with more energy than can be contained within one body. We don't need politically correct and sanatised comedy, we need to someone to just go wild. We've had enough of the 'grey' people!

So, this weekend, just say "Fuck it" and have some fun!

(yes, this is the wine talking but FFS people, think of all the fab people that have gone before, they are probably rotating in their eternal resting places with the state the world is in with all the nay-sayers and fucking stupid rules and restrictions on our liberty!)

For goodness sake we need a change and, from a political point of view, lets get rid of boring Brown and Wacky Jaqui for a start along with the rest of the grey suits! Can we have Ben Elton back as well please, Spitting Image, and all the other satire. The world is desperately crying out to have the piss taken out of it, we've become too boring and too grey!

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Louise Connolly said...

don't forget Cpt Kermin's side kick .... Carla