Wednesday, 14 January 2009


I know it is sad but I REALLY enjoy solving techie computer problems and getting things done! I'm happiest when there are loads of windows (xterms for preference) all running and doing useful things! Yes, very sad!

The problem with this level of nerdiness is that it kind of leaves your head a bit fuzzy and with your brain almost free-running and in desperate need of things to do and to figure out! It's a really bizarre feeling and almost like a drug because there is the downside when there is nothing to do and you almost get one of those downer-like feelings.

Anyway, I'm trying to counter-act the marathon typing/hacking/sorting-out session by drinking red wine, eating chicken, bacon and leek pie (more on this later) before going to bed! Need to get to bed early so I can be up first thing in the morning to get into work and get on with some serious coding!

Fizz, buzz, click, whir :D

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Testcase said...

NNNEEEERRRRDDDDDDD..... *throws a cover over his Imac with Ubuntu, OSX, and XP running in separate virtualizations*