Thursday, 27 November 2008

This is just getting plain silly now

For goodness sake, what is the world coming to:

'Bloody' is an offensive word declares ASA

Seriously, have things got that bad that we can't ignore a mildly offensive word that I would expect the vast majority of children who could actually read it have either heard it or used it themselves already?!

Should I stop my son watching Harry Potter and the Philosphers Stone as I'm pretty sure it contains the phrase "That was bloody brilliant"? You'll note from the link to Amazon that this is a PG film so should, on the whole be okay for kids (maybe a little older than my son to be fair) to see - with Parent or Guardian present.

It really is getting crazy now.

1 comment:

TTTT said...

Woah... that's just stooopid.

Bloody stupid.