Sunday, 18 April 2010

More Catching Up

Okay, I should be getting more organised in my old age but apparently not! I'm really behind on all of the blog updates and have been so busy with work, life, and togging (easier to type that photography) that I've just not got round to writing anything ... which then becomes a catch twenty two as I need to cover all the events up to this point before any new topics. Of course that just means that the topics pile up and I never get anywhere!

So here is a quick catch up and I'll gradually get the photos to match these events on the website over the next week and then I can carry on blogging in a more organised and up-to-date way!
  • Taking pictures of Rachel with a sword (yeah I know, slightly surreal)
  • Meeting up with friends in Leeds as well as shopping with Rachel for work-wear
  • My bike being stolen from the shed - not happy about that but covered by insurance
  • Visit to the National Railway Museum in York - didn't get that many pictures I like as I was trying low-light togging (without flash) and the I'm a bit fussy about clear images
  • Holiday away with my son visiting Windsor, London and of course, Legoland - had a fantastic time!
  • Cycling to/from work for the entire week last week - VERY tiring, need to get more sleep and get use to this new level of exercise
  • And just this weekend; my birthday party and seeing loads of my fab friends including my "bezzie" (it's a Brum expression apparently), Lucy.
It's amazing how much I seem to have crammed in over the period of a few weeks and need to do even more as well!

So, now I'm up-to-date I'm going to go and chill out and recover from too much alcohol, not enough sleep, and the affects of lots of having a fabulous weekend with my friends who are all amazing and I love them to bits.

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