Monday, 25 January 2010

Dad (again)

He phoned last night. Totally out of the blue!

Well, maybe it wasn't completely unexpected, I'd been tinkering with the e-mail hosting that we use and was in the middle of moving it all over and had sent out a rather terse and technical message about what was to change. I'd phoned my Mum and told her to tell him to look but just expected no response at all.

But he just phoned ... asked if he could speak to "" and then said it was "Dad", which of course I knew. Weird, I didn't think my voice had changed that much ... probably it hasn't and he just didn't know how to handle phoning when he is aware of the fact I have a partner.

It was really quite surreal. Just a conversation about setting up e-mail and why Google is good (using Google Apps which means 50 free accounts using your own domain) and when this would all change over. Really it was as if we'd never had a break in communication. I can't say that I'm really elated or disappointed or anything ... I'm obviously happy that we talked but really it was just like nothing had happened in the intervening months.

Don't think I can really grasp the feelings I have about this properly.

I did, rather flippantly, comment to Rachel that I should break more e-mail things in future so we get to talk some more!

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