Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Silver (black actually) lining

My posts have been a bit doom-and-gloom of late so I thought I'd try and even things up a bit with a little positive news.

Wandering around Canary Wharf on Sunday and we came to the shops under 1 Canada Square and happened to look in the Window of Hobbs, there I saw the most fabulous black, velvet, full-length coat (ably modeled by the headless plastic mannequin to the left).

Didn't think it would fit, it did (beautifully), didn't think I could afford it, I can't ... but got it anyway!

Not wearing it until the Christmas party and treating it with a certain degree of reverence because it was expensive, and I do think it is something special and I want to be VERY careful about looking after it properly so I can have the same fabulous and perfect feeling I had, when I tried it on in the shop, time and time again. I'll try and get some pictures of myself modeling the coat a the rest of my Christmas outfit after the party tomorrow.


chrissie said...

Oh. My. God.

I want one!!!!


caroline said...

Will you be able to bring yourself to take it off at the party?

Caroline xx

sophie h said...

Mmm that is nice. You need a treat every so often, at least thats how I justify it.
Enjoy. :o)
Sophie xx

Fiona Bianchi said...

Caroline, no, I suspect I won't want to take the coat off! This is both because of a style thing and also as the party is being held in somewhere that may be a little cold (will explain more tomorrow).

Chrissie: get to Hobbs ASAP then, they have them in stock on line :)

Sohpie: Hmmm, need to try that reasoning with my credit card!