Friday, 21 August 2009

Risotto with Pesto

Well, I wasn't convinced I'd done this right and I ended up with enough for a whole weeks worth of meals so at best I'd have to say it's a qualified success, or at least not an unqualified disaster.

Here's what I did:
  • Put water + chicken stock cubes + olive oil into a pan and heat on low setting (3-4 out of 9 on my hob)
  • Cut two cooking onions into small pieces and add to the stock
  • After a few minutes when the stock is starting to heat add the rice - I used a pint glass full which was way way too much!
  • Now panic that you've done this all the wrong way round and spend the next 10-15mins stiring rice+stock and adding more water
  • As the rice nearly gets to the point of being cooked add 400g (two packets) of 'seafood selection' including the fluid in the packet
  • Add small amount of cheddar cheese (strong), peppers (cut into small pieces), lots of black pepper
  • Cook a little longer until the rice is done and then add about 150g of pesto (I had a jar of Sacla pesto), stir in thoroughly and allow to heat through - turn the hob off at this point if it's electric
Yes, it was all very random and completely down to luck that it was even barely edible and didn't all just stick to the pan (any offers of doing the washing up for me will be appreciatively received). I think the amount of black pepper (I put in loads of freshly ground black pepper) and the pesto (just enough, not too much) gave the risotto a nice warm/hot taste and interesting flavour. Probably won't get it right again ... which is fine as I have enough for about five more meals I think!

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Marcus said...

Top idea Fiona! I made risotto with red pesto on monday night with mushroom and a little cream to finish, and it was gorgeous. Pesto doesn't just have to go into pasta does it. :)