Wednesday, 3 June 2009


During our visit to London we sat on the grass in a not very busy Hyde park to eat our ice creams. A few people were around sat in desk chairs or on picnic blankets. There were the odd one or two that were worth a second glance but nothing really to bother about - I guess everyone felt the same about us too.

We did spot one potential 'nutter' though. In fact I thought he was the guy looking after the deck chairs but on closer inspection the junk he had round his chair was maybe more loony items rather than money-collecting stuff.

Anyway he was making his way towards us as we'd finished our ice creams and were (thankfully) getting up to leave. As we walked away he just said "Faggots" and laughed. In fact he said it a few times, "Faggots, ha ha" .... "Faggots" as we walked off without looking back.

I did jokingly say to Lucy that I should go back and thank him as he did at least get my gender correct - though I don't think you can really count a nutter as a reliable witness as to weather you have passed or not.

Really neither of us were that bothered by this, clearly the guy was a loony and we're both lesbians (I have a t-short to prove it) so he was accurate in what he said. Then again, we were just sat their eating ice creams, and not doing, saying, or looking particularly lesbian at all!

I really don't get anyone, even if they are sane, having anything against someone who is 'different', if they are doing no harm to that person. The link to Wikipedia above shows people with signs saying that "God hates faggots". Surely if he does he's more than capable of showing his displeasure! Wouldn't it be better if people just got on with their own lives and left others alone to do the same?

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LucyTolliday said...

Having been called it myself its not nice but you move on. You sound almost philosophical about it, which is a great way to be.