Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Why I'm in debt ...

This is both a serious a funny post which I just had to do before another depressing topic - sorry, not having a fun time at the moment, hopefully the level of joy in what I write will pick up soon.

Last night I realised that, financially speaking, I'm in serious trouble. Well, I guess I knew this already but it got worse when my plan to get a loan from my bank didn't work - well actually I can get a loan but at an APR of 13.5% which seems ludicrous (though I may still end up going this option bearing in mind that my credit card is about to finish it's 0% and jump to 19.9% APR).

So, the credit cards have now been removed from my purse. I'm going to go see my bank (and some other banks to compare) to ask about sorting my finances out (and hopefully getting a more realistic APR like the "typical 7.9%" that is being advertised.

Why have I got so much debt? Well, alot of it is entirely my own fault: I spent it. Some of it is debt that was moved onto 0% deals from credit cards that I (we) had before the seperation. The fact that more hasn't been paid off or that the current level of payments are such a problem is because I have little money with which to pay them off, I was too optimistic about what I could afford to live on.

What should be waiting to explain all of my problems but this article on The Register: Women's lust for shopping linked to periods - so that's it, it's all down to hormones, not my fault at all!

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