Sunday, 22 March 2009

".. I'm alright, got a good ole friend here with me tonight, so I guess I'm doing alright"

I've had a fantastic weekend away (more on this later when I'm less tried and more up to rambling) in Birmingham at Lucy's welcome home party and then spending time shopping and chatting and the usual stuff. Quite tired when I was driving home and that might have been one of the reasons why I couldn't keep the tears back while listening to the song that the above quote is taken from, "I'm alright" by Jo Dee Messina.

Hmmm, I did think of really good ways to express what I felt but I've forgotten and can't think of an eloquent way to put it now. So, this will have to suffice:

Thanks for being an amazing friend Lucy!


P.S. I bet you'll hate this (it's sooo NOT your taste in music): Jo Dee Messina, I'm alright

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