Saturday, 14 March 2009

Click ... off ... gone

Pop quiz: Name the band who wrote the above song and the album it's taken from.

That was just a little distraction. The main point of the post: just deleted my Flickr account!

Really, it was just full of old pictures that don't look anything like me anymore, are quite embarassing, and just generally seem to attract guys with odd fetishes and even odder intentions. Basically a waste of time. So it's gone, and good ridance.

I guess it served it's purpose at the time but now I'm not so inclined to publish how bad I look to the world at large and any pictures that I think are remotely decent either go on Facebook or on here.

1 comment:

NickyB (aka the CFG) said...

makes sense Fiona, I once had one too a long time ago x