Friday, 14 November 2008


Arrived an hour ago - still over the moon with it!

I know, it's just a boring bit of paper (actually this is one of those electronic ones) when it comes down to it but the significance is that it has my new name and gender in something that is considered the pinnacle of identity documents.

Not only does this mean that, for practical purposes I can now travel as Fiona anywhere in the world, open bank accounts, etc, etc, it also is something of a small validation of my identity. There's probably more real and tangible evidence to come and certainly I still have a long way to go in reaching acceptance, but from a legal sense my identity has been changed now.

I'm going to sort out my bank accounts shortly followed my bills, tax, NI, and the many other things that need doing. Also now that I have my passport I can sort out my driving license as well which will mean all my photo ID will be in my new name.

I'm rambling now because I'm so happy!

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