Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Well, it's done.

The e-mail from HR at work has been sent round the entire UK office informing everyone of my name change.

Kinda scary really and just a little bit weird - even I'm not use to my new name as it's not something that ever really got used much before nor do I think of myself in terms of what I'm called, it's just "me" in here.

I know people at work read this so I'd just like to say: getting the name, pronouns, or anything else like that wrong is fine, even I do it sometimes still and I'm not going to get upset with anyone for making mistakes, I'm just so thrilled to be making another step and that everyone is so supportive.

Now I really, really, must get something sorted out with my voice because I sadly don't sound like a "Fiona" much at the moment and I'm sure that is going to make things so much harder for everyone else as well as me.

Final word to everyone at work: Thanks :D

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Jessica Hart said...

Congrats on the announcement at work - hope it all goes well