Friday, 24 October 2008

More name changing

Filled in the online passport application today and submitted it, I now only have to wait for a few days for the print-out to be sent to me to sign and return. I'm thinking that I will see about getting an appointment at the passport office in Liverpool so that I can get everything done and dusted in person to avoid any potential delays.

I was going to apply to get my driving license changed but the on-line application for that asks for a passport number so it looks like it will be easier to wait until that is done. I'm obviously going to have to wait to change bank details and other more official things until I have my passport anyway.

One thing that has been changed is my mobile phone contract, just had a look on-line and it's now got my new name and gender! It was actually a wonderful feeling seeing that!

One thing that did suddenly occur to me is that my no claims discount on my car insurance will need transferring to my new name/gender ... and I also wondered whether I'll suddenly be classed as a safer driver because I'm female! Hmmm, think I might update the current policy and then try a little experiement when I renew and see if gender makes any difference (it probably doesn't given how long I've been driving and the fact that I don't do alot of miles now).

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