Monday, 29 September 2008

Well this is weird

I have my deed poll document, it's rather boring actually, just a few basic sentences and some places to sign for me (with my old signature and new one*) and a witness and that's it.

It's somewhat of an anti-climax.

So I just need to get the 5 copies (what will do alot will do a little) printed out and signed and that's it.

* - I had to actually think about a new signature which felt really weird. I've done one before for the credit card I have in a female name but that was in some ways just a bit of fun (I drew cirles over the 'i's instead of a dot just to be a bit different).

This is probably a huge, amazingly big step and, as per usual I'm kind of approaching it with, at the moment, little deep thought. I mean this is, from an external point of view, my identity! I'm quite excited about it but then again it's really quite scary ... what on earth are my parents going to say? I haven't really discussed this with anyone in depth it's just happening because it's part of the plan.

I'm not sure if this is going to help, will it make me feel better, more female? More certain? More uncertain? More silly? More at ease? More questions???

It kind of feels like it should be a momentous occasion but I suspect that it won't be because it's going to take a long time, even for me, to get use to having a different name - as I've mentioned before, I've never thought that my name was such an important thing though I recently have felt that I would feel more comfortable with something more in keeping with my appearance, e.g. it was quite bizarre going to the doctors to pick up my blood test results today and having to say my old (male) fullname; it's even more disconcerting when it pops up on the screen prefixed with Mr in the waiting room to announce that the doctor with see me!

Instead of rambling, I should get to bed!

Night, from Fiona :D

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