Sunday, 28 September 2008

Company Summer Party

I'm a bit behind with the blog posts so I'll try and catch up a bit and then keep on top of things next week ... erm, well hopefully anyway.

In the interests of brevity (word of the day) and avoiding any rambling here are the highlights of the night:
  • Only too me two hours to get ready! Okay, sounds bad but that's shower, dry/straighten hair, make-up, get dressed all interspersed with worry and stress about how I was going to look! No pictures of me (well there are some but they have other work colleagues in them so no appropriate for public disemination) but the outfit was pretty simply; red satin top and black jeans (both from Dorothy Perkins), the multi-coloured shoes from Evans (see post from ages ago) and black & silver necklace and earrings from M&S.
  • Food was at one of those Tepenyaki places - plenty to eat and drink and all very entertaining even when they fling food at you which is impossible to catch!
  • Next was cocktails at Cloud 23 which is the bar on top of the Hilton Hotel on Deansgate in Manchester - amazing views across the city - I've always loved the sight of a city/town at night from a distance, the lights just look magical (cue Bette Midler singing "From a distance").
  • Then taxi ride to Tiger Tiger where we were in the VIP area and able to drink vast amounts ... I don't think I was *that* bad but I seem to have managed to get nice and drunk anyway.
  • Chatted to some really nice girls who had been quizzing one of my work colleagues about me. I was probably rambling at that point but it was fun nonetheless.
  • Actually talked to a lovely girl outside Tiger Tiger who was handing out flyers and she was so nice and fun that I seriously regret not getting her number or something - not for any reason than just to talk to her again.
  • Everyone was very drunk on leaving the club and heading back to the hotel and a few hurtful comments were said but we'll forget about that I think.
Woke up at 7am because B was trying to get hold of me to arrange me seeing my son this weekend. Couldn't get back to sleep so go up (slowly) and had a wander round Manchester, buying some more make-up and similar things. Also had a look at dresses in Monsoon in preparation for the Chirstmas Party shopping!

Didn't really have the heart (or money) to shop much so drove home, got a few things from Tesco's and then had a bit of a sleep before my son came over.

This pic is me AFTER having a sleep, hence the slightly dishevelled look!

Honest I looked alot better on the night out and MUCH better before having a sleep!

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